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Welcome to Small Point!

Small Point is a special place, blessed with extraordinary natural resources and rich traditions. We are privileged to live here, and to share it with friends, tenants and guests of the Small Point Club. We all have a responsibility to help keep Small Point beautiful, tranquil, and sustainable.  Here are a few guidelines:


Small Point’s roads are private. They are also narrow, winding, and full of potholes and blind spots. Please drive very slowly and carefully. Watch for pedestrians, cyclists, joggers, and dogs. By tradition, when two vehicles meet, one backs into the nearest driveway to let the other pass.

  • The speed limit on all Small Point roads is 14MPH or lower if otherwise posted.


All of Small Point’s beaches are privately owned. All of us – residents and guests alike – use them with the permission of their owners, which may be revoked at any time. There are no lifeguards at any Small Point beaches. Use of beaches is strictly at your own risk.

  • Please be courteous and respectful of the landowners.

  • For everyone's tranquility, please do not bring music to the beach.

  • Fires and camping are not allowed without landowner permission.

  • Leave no trace: whatever you bring with you, carry it out when you leave.


Seawall Beach (Big Beach)

Seawall Beach, known as Big Beach, is the long stretch of sand that extends from Small Point to Popham Beach State Park. We share Seawall Beach with the Bates-Morse

Mountain Conservation Area, which manages the property for conservation values and conducts important research. The beach is a critical stopover for migrating shorebirds and a seasonal home to Federally protected, endangered piping plovers and least terns.

  • Please keep dogs closely controlled (they can scare birds & children).

  • Dogs are not allowed on Morse Mountain Rd or in the Conservation Area.

  • Walk as far away as possible from all birds and nesting areas.

  • Stay off the dunes. They are fragile and vulnerable.

  • Fires and camping are not allowed on Seawall Beach.

We hope you love, appreciate and respect Small Point as much as we do!

The Small Point Community

Dear Friends & Guests

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